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Aimee Fischer-Gray wears the Classic Strap Sports Bra 362 and Logo Notch Bike Short 639.

Meet Aimee Fischer-Gray | The A.A Ambassador On Growing Glutes, Grounding Rituals + Fitness Goals

If anyone knows that fitness goes well beyond the physical, it’s personal trainer Aimee Fischer-Gray.

A long-time lover of exercise thanks to gym-owning parents and six active siblings, the 35-year-old has been transforming the lives of her clients for almost a decade, which—along with her own fitness journey from HIIT queen to a holistic health advocate—led her to create her own all-encompassing online workout program: the Aimefit Training System.

To find out more about how the AJE ATHLETICA Ambassador is taking on 2023 and how she stays grounded—plus, her top tips for growing strong glutes—we spoke to Aimee in Sydney, Australia, where she put A.A's activewear to the test.

Keep reading for our conversation with the always-inspiring, Aimee Fischer-Gray.

You are known for 'growing great bums'. What are your top tips for working out your glutes?

1. Warm up with bands

Firstly, I'll say bands are your best friend. I have never and will never train someone where a lower body exercise is involved, without a banded warm-up set. The same goes for upper body exercises—banded activation is key! It's also a painfully great way to take your hip thrust and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) to a whole new level.

2. Don't be afraid to get uncomfortable

With resistance training, progressive overload is key. Many women are scared to lift heavy or even feel uncomfortable because they fear becoming ‘bulky’. Trust me, if it was that easy to get a big, firm, sexy bum, I'd be out of business. It takes commitment, hard work and a great personal trainer (insert wink) to grow your glutes.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Like I tell my clients, “Nothing worth having comes easily”. You can't train super efficiently for a month, then take three weeks off and then complain your glutes never grow! Work hard in your sessions, get off your phone, and fuel your body adequately after training, and you will get results.

4. Add these exercises to your routine

1. Hip thrust
2. Low bar back squat
3. Deficit reverse lunge
4. Sumo deadlift
5. Lateral dumbbell box step overs

What are your favourite looks from AJE ATHLETICA's latest collection to work out in and why?

This is a hard one because I truly loved them all. This new season is honestly next-level and not only is it super chic activewear you feel amazing in, but it is also so comfortable to train in, which is the biggest thing for me!

My two favourite looks would have to be the black and white high-waisted shorts and matching crop, the blue and beige Classic Strap Sports Bra 362 and bike short set. The black windbreaker jacket was also amazing—everything felt so lush on the skin. They really nailed it.

Aimee wears the Logo Mesh Jacket 757

What are your daily rituals to nourish yourself inside and out?

I have a few [laughs].

1. Make the bed

Bed-making is non-negotiable. It's been quite the mission, teaching my boyfriend this.

2. A morning stroll

Another ritual is a morning stroll at 5:15 am to get my oat milk cappuccino. I love to start my day by moving my body, even if it is a brief walk to get coffee because my first client is at 5:30 am! I always feel a sense of gratitude for my life and my business whilst I'm walking to my studio, sipping my beloved coffee.

3. Meditation

I try to get my daily meditation in at around 11 when I have a break. This instantly calms my adrenal glands and nervous system and allows me to reset and feel calm before continuing my day. Deepak Chopra's '21 Days of Abundance' series is my go-to on Spotify.

4. Cooking

I pretty much cook nearly everything I eat. Lots of fresh fruit, and salads and I have just discovered the air fryer! Nutrition really is medicine, so knowing that I am putting good quality food into my body is very important to me.

5. Exercise

Depending on what day it is, I will either be at the football stadium doing a weights workout or at my favourite spin studio SHELTER. If I ever have the morning off, a sunrise walk is a game-changer.

6. Gratitude

When I lie in bed and close my eyes to sleep, I always say three things I am grateful for. I have been doing this now for about 10 years. I started doing this in a gratitude diary when I was 24 after a really bad breakup. Now, I just say it every night in my head, sometimes to my boyfriend. It's such a beautiful practice that really allows me to focus on the beautiful things in my life, rather than what I don't have. It's very easy to fall down that hole.

What is the one piece of advice you find yourself coming back to inspire your fitness practice?

Growing up with a very fit family, fitness has always been a way of life for us! Never a chore. So, just always living in the headspace of “healthy living is a way of life” and really trying to help my clients embody this feeling.

Aimee wears the Winding Road High Neck Bra 364 and Panelled Bike Shorts 615 in Copper Orange (coming soon)

Looking forward, what are your fitness goals and/or resolutions for 2023?

There is something very exciting happening in 2023—a few things, actually.

My business Aimefit is finally launching online, so I can reach more women all around the world!

The Aimefit Training System will go live February 2023. This has been something I have been working on for over a year, so it's very much my main focus for the year.

Personally, I just want to stay fit and healthy and constantly evolving in life and everything I do!

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