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The A.A Collective I Aggie Choi

Agnes ‘Aggie’ Choi is an actor, dancer, model and sustainable fashion designer based in Sydney. The newest member of the A.A Collective, where active minds and active lifestyles meet, Aggie is a veracious storyteller with a focus on conscious creation and wellness through movement.

Having recently featured in the film ‘The Furnace’ and launched her own sustainable fashion brand, Aggie’s daily practices ensure she stays grounded and her mind and body stay connected to maximise her creativity.

Discover Aggie Choi’s favourite pieces for every hour, every day and every step of her wellness journey.

The A.A Collective I Founder of Sauce, Zeenat Wilkinson

AJE ATHLETICA introduces the A.A Collective; a community at the intersection of fashion, wellness and movement. Where active minds and active lifestyles meet, the A.A Ambassadors are an expansive group of creatives championing a holistic approach to wellbeing; harnessing the regenerative power of creativity in their lifestyles. Creating this strong sense of community, each A.A Ambassador engages with wellness and their surroundings through a sense of belonging via their personal forms of expression and creative fields. Cultural tastemakers, the A.A collective support those around them both physically and mindfully through their creative spirit, the core ethos of the A.A Collective.

Read on to know more about the A.A Ambassadors and move with us in a new era of wellbeing.

Tell me a little about what you do?

I do a few things - everything is very narrative based.

I'm a fashion designer and have just started up my own brand, PACH Project. It started off as just my friends commissioning me to make trousers and then it sort of picked up from there, it just felt right. Sustainability and circularity is a big focus alongside engaging storytelling. For every collection, I like to create characters and envision the wardrobe they’d wear, designing in a way that is as size and gender inclusive as possible.

I was also in a film in 2019 (The Furnace) and have been doing acting intensives and regularly auditioning which has been a fantastic way to learn as I go. I always knew I wanted to be an actor but felt, when I was younger, that I needed to get a degree in something a little more stable. After I came out of university, I was able to pursue acting more fully.

I'm in a good place, and I have a lot of gratitude that I'm able to do what I love and make a living off being creative.

What piqued your interest in sustainability and sustainable practices?

I studied design for 4 years, and when you’re so deep into it, you notice a lot of things about the inner workings of the fashion industry, and I learnt a lot in the course.

I became very aware of a lot of things that were wrong with the industry, how linear it is, how there's no circularity which creates a lot of waste. I love how AJE ATHLETICA is made from 70% of conscious materials.

I think especially when COVID happened, then you could just see a large portion of the global industry crippling; it became so apparent that every designer, everyone who is involved in the fashion industry should be aware of making sustainable changes. There’s no time to wait anymore. I want to do what I love and be creative, but first and foremost I want to be consciously creating.

You’re an incredible dancer, tell us a little more about your dance journey?

I started dancing when I was four and I was one of those people that danced my whole life. I did classical ballet and contemporary jazz - it was intense. I was one of those girls that danced every Saturday and was in all the dance competitions. I would always wonder what other people did with all their spare time if they weren’t dancing.

I managed to finish all the grades, but I hurt my hip at 15 so I had to stop dancing for about a year, then afterwards it was a bit tricky to pick everything back up to the same level. Now, I just do it for fun because I still really love it.

What are your favourite types of exercise beyond dance?

I like pilates and yoga. I generally try to do yoga just for mindfulness. I think that's super important, especially with the crazy lifestyle I've given myself, there's no real schedule or structure to it so it's very important for me to take time to myself and really reset and ground myself.

What are your favourite AJE ATHLETICA pieces?

I really like the bike shorts, and the running shorts are really cute! I’ve never worn a pair of shorts that have sat as well on me as these ones. I’ve tried ones from other brands, and they’ve never sat well on my waist when I run, but these ones (Logotape Running Shorts 602) sat just right. The crop top we styled back with them was really cute as well.

What do you usually look for when you're like buying your activewear?

I look for comfort. In the past, I've really struggled to find something that fits nicely on top. Everything always seems to be too tight on me around my ribs and it can feel quite restrictive. I look for something that has the right elasticity quality to it but then is also super comfy like the AJE ATHLETICA crops.



What daily practices do you do to stay mindful and keep grounded?

For me it's stretching, I usually stretch before bed. I've stretched every day of my life, I don’t feel relaxed if I haven’t stretched. I hold a lot of tension naturally, there’s often a lot going on in my brain, so it helps to relax me and wake up refreshed and in the right headspace. I also use breathing exercises to help calm my nervous system.

Do you think there's any overlap with your creativity and wellness?

For sure, I think endorphins and adrenaline help clear my head. I find that sometimes if I don't breathe properly, or I forget to breathe consciously, or I don't drink enough water, or I haven't been exercising, then I just feel so sluggish, and I can't use my brain properly. My mind and body just don't connect without exercise. When you're trying to be creative and think outside of the box, it's not possible when you're disconnected with your head and your body. Exercise always lifts my mood.

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