How To Build A Workout Routine, According To A.A Ambassador Olivia Ippoliti

The Pilates pro shares her top three tips for resetting or getting started.

Trying to build a workout routine but struggling to start? We’ve all been there. Trust us.

So, to help you out, we asked A.A Ambassador Olivia Ippoliti — a certified Pilates instructor and the co-founder of Total Tone — to share her top tips for creating healthy training habits.

Whether you’re trying to hit reset or start from scratch, keep reading for Olivia’s pro advice — including the one common mistake you should try to avoid. 

Talk us through your own daily training routine. Which habits do you swear by for staying on track?

I always start my day with movement, whether it’s a Pilates workout, a run, or a walk. I always feel better for moving my body and have from a young age. 

Some weeks are better than others. I’ve learned not to feel guilty if I take time to relax and recover. I generally work out five to six days a week and I prioritise stretching. I stick to it by setting up my workout routine at the start of the week and mixing up my training.

What are your top three tips for starting or resetting your training routine?

1. Have a plan

Write a realistic weekly schedule that you can stick to, including rest days. I feel like this is said so much but can’t be emphasised enough. [It’s] a simple step to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed when resetting. Call me old school, but I love physically writing things down.

2. Reward yourself 

Spoil yourself after a workout with a jump in the ocean, treat yourself to a massage or a bubble bath, or your favourite café. A rush of dopamine reinforces specific behaviours as worthwhile. 

3. Prioritise sleep 

Establishing a routine with sleep is beneficial in reducing stress levels. For me, this is something that has improved significantly by getting to bed early. It’s no secret our mood improves after a good night's rest, so why not make it a priority? 

What is the biggest mistake you typically see people make when it comes to creating healthy training habits? 

Typically, I see people creating fitness routines that aren’t realistic. It might work for a couple of months, but is it sustainable? 

For people who find it easy to start a routine but hard to maintain, what advice would you give for getting back on track?

I’d take it back to what’s realistic with your current work or life schedule. Have that plan and make it a non-negotiable

Lastly, what are your personal habit goals in the coming months? Are there any new habits you are trying or planning to implement?  

I’ve been trying to implement more strength work in my training and prioritise time with my loved ones. I try really hard not to sweat the small things and look at the incredible things in front of me.