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Introducing IKKARI | The Modern-Day Apothecary Reimagining Your Wellness + Beauty Rituals

Floating in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea is the Greek island of Ikaria.

A certified Blue Zone, its residents are among the world’s longest living population by virtue of their naturally foraged diet of native ingredients, relaxed pace, active lifestyle and holistic outlook towards their own wellbeing.

A place of simplicity and serenity, it is the inspiration behind IKKARI: a modern-day apothecary reimagining wellness and beauty.

Available online now, IKKARI is a fusion of nature and innovation, drawing on ancient wisdom and modern methodology to deliver new solutions and rituals that enhance the lifestyle of time-sensitive people.

Combining the fundamentals of health with the culture of self-care, IKKARI brings together a dynamic collection of Inner, Outer and Aura essentials: encompassing a collection of skincare essentials, ingestible nutrients and a suite of sensorial aromatherapy tools for spiritual support.

Below, an exclusive look at IKKARI, available now at


This collection expands across ingestible beauty powders and capsules that help your skin glow from within, to health-boosting liquid elixirs that enhance everything from energy to immunity to your gut microbiome. Formulated with ingredients harnessed from the earth, IKKARI combines leading wholefood nutrients with innovative processes and technology to refine your health now and for the future.


IKKARI believes what goes onto your body is just as important as what goes into it, that’s why our skincare premise is simple: minimal ingredients, maximum results. This collection houses their face, body and sun care offerings. Formulated with whole plant extracts and bioavailable ingredients using next-gen techniques, Outer is designed to elevate your self-care rituals.


Your body is your vessel for life, which is why living mindfully is essential to your overall wellbeing. IKKARI believes it is supported by positive mindfulness, and their Aura collection is curated to maximise your practice and give you spiritual stability.

Immerse yourself in our self and space enhancing mists, each equipped to stimulate your senses through aromatherapy. Aura assists with resetting and regrouping to bring balance to your energy and cultivate a conscious state of calm.

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